If you’re reading the About Us page, it’s probably because you’re looking to purchase, or sell, jewelry and/or diamonds (or you’re my competitors, and if that’s the case, pay close attention).

Our History

My mother’s name was Kaylah. She was the quintessential people person. Her customers did business with her, not simply because of the quality and value of her products, but because they truly liked her personality and dedication. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us; and I am here to carry on her legacy, both in my family life, and in my business.


Kaylah Designs tries to be different from other jewelry stores, whether online or in-store:

#1 Our Sales Staff Is There To Help You, Not Sell To You

Our #1 goal is to have our customers feel 100% comfortable before AND after they purchase something from us. We don’t want them to feel intimidated or out of their league when they walk into one of our stores. Therefore, each member of our staff is there as a customer representative, first and foremost. Every one of them has the ability to connect with our customers and help them find exactly what they are looking for. They’re not paid on commission. Their only goal is to help you out.

#2 We Strive For Complete Transparency

They say that knowing is half the battle, and at Kaylah Designs, we certainly agree. The jewelry industry in 2015 is as transparent as it has ever been. Almost every diamond, and piece of jewelry can be shopped around in 10 minutes on the internet. We do it for you in 5.

You see, it bothers us that so many people pay inflated retail prices. In 5 minutes, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about any diamond or piece of jewelry, as well as exactly how we’re able to undercut mall chain stores, save you thousands, and give you far better value.

#3 We Build A Relationship

Whether we’re offering you coffee, chocolate, or a smile, we only have one goal: to make a customer for life. We don’t just want a one-time interaction with our customers, we want to form a relationship.

We want to know your name, your spouse and we want to hear about your family. We want to be a part of your life. We want to be there not only for YOUR engagement, but your grandchildren’s engagement too.

And when we have a relationship, it’s only natural to make sure that you’re completely satisfied. Should you need anything, we’ll go the extra mile to help you out. 

I’m not looking to make a lot of money on one sale, I would rather make a little on many sales. My staff knows this, and feels the same.  I hope I’ve given you an idea of what Kaylah Designs is all about.


Brian Minkin.