Imagine owning a gorgeous one-of-a-kind ring or necklace; not simply a fabulous piece, but an accessory which beautifully illustrates your own unique style and personality.  At Kaylah Designs, we can bring that dream to life. Our expertise in a state-of-the-art CAD program allows as us to assist you in designing your own personalized jewelry, limited only by your imagination. Create a stunning masterpiece of precious metals and gemstones with ease, at, as we manufacture the items ourselves, an unbeatable price! Many designs are also engravable, so you can add names or simple messages, to truly personalize the piece.

Of course, custom-made jewelry can also be given as intimate and valuable gifts. Whether to celebrate a special occasion, or simply to illustrate the depths of your affection, personalized jewelry can be a powerful symbol of how highly you regard your relationships.

So come on in (although, due to high demand, an appointment is necessary) for a FREE consultation. From the most extravagant of engagement rings, to the smallest of beads, there’s a beautiful and unique piece waiting for you to bring it to life.


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